This new site is work in progress.  Its goal is to educate people about the importance of cancer screenings, encourage people to donate their time to cancer patients, and to raise funds for people who are dealing with cancer to help defray at least some of the extra costs that come along with the disease.  Household help is a huge expense.  Often patients can not cook or clean or even shop for themselves because they are so weak. Visiting nurses services are covered only in part by some insurances despite the necessity.  Devices to help patients dress themselves, and special clothing for those with limited mobility are essential. Travel expenses to and from doctor's appointments and for friends and family to visit patients who are not closeby can add up quickly.  These are just some of the unexpected expenses.  

How can you put a smile on someone's face? 

  • Get your cancer screenings.  Smile when you learn you are fine, and smile when you catch a problem early.
  • Help a cancer patient.  Donate your talents for one hour per week to help someone with cancer.  Visit, shop, cook, mow the lawn, do a load of laundry, wash the dishes.  Every little thing makes a huge difference.
  • Donate for needed services. We aren't quite ready to start collecting donations yet so please consider donating your time to a patient and put a smile on their face today!


Put a Smile on Someone's Face

Get Your Cancer Screenings
Do it for yourself.  Do it for your loved ones.